May 28, 2011

Day Seven: Could It Be?

Last night, on Ellie's 9-week birthday, she held it all night! *does cartwheels!*

She still woke up during the night and whined a bit, but she quickly settled after 2-3 minutes. That's usually my gauge for whether I have to actually roll off the couch and take her outside. If she whines longer than that, up to 5 mins or more (if I'm really tired!), I know it's Serious Business.

We'll see if that continues tonight. :-)


  1. I love Kane zooming around! 'Is she chasing me yet?' 'How about now?' 'Nowwwww?' Bless him, he's such a goofy boy :)

    I'm so jealous that housetraining is going so easily for you!

  2. That's one heck of a running fit.

  3. I <3 zoomies. It's so fun to watch a breed non-greyhoundy zooming! Don't get my wrong, my hounds are graceful, but Kane is cuter. :)

    Ellie is herding already! Did you catch her little stare? *squeals*

  4. Hi-5, Ellie!!!

    Also, you need a lure course set up on your yard. Kane would *love* it! And Ellie will love herding/chasing Kane :)