May 20, 2011

The Puppy Lands ....


I get up bright and early at 730am to drive two hours to get Peeps (the name Mary, her breeder, gave her while with the litter).

I've got everything ready for her arrival. Her expen and crate are set up in the living room, where I'll be crashing on the couch with Kane until Peeps can hold it through the night. The clicker and treats are bagged and waiting, and holy cow am I super excited to be able to clicker train a puppy from the very beginning!! Kane is okay with it, but he has a tendency to get "stuck" on certain cues that he's gotten treats for before. Hopefully with Peeps I'll be able to get her used to shaping and being creative and thoughtful with the cues she offers, instead of poor Kane whose default mode is to look at me to tell him what to do and/or lure him into the cue. Not that Kane cares as long as he gets the treat. :-)

I'm pretty sure Kane knows Something Is Up. He's been very persistent about getting attention from me the last couple of nights, constantly bringing me toys to play with.

I've got some last few tweaks to make to this blog and then it'll be up and running. Right now I've got it planned to make a post a day for the first week and then we'll see. I've got tomorrow through the following Saturday off to get a head start on crate-/house-training and then it's back to work.

I don't even know what I'm going to name Peeps! I've got a few I've been tossing around, but they aren't concrete and there could be a dark horse: Puck, Ellie, Artemis (Arty), and Remi.

Here's a picture of the little trouble-maker:


  1. My Mom's border collie mix is Ellie. However, for yours, Remi spoke to me right away.

  2. I've found that clicker trained/shaping trained dogs who started it really early are amazing dogs. They're so willing to try anything. I can't wait to hear about her training!

  3. I love Remi for her - such a sweet name for such a sweet (if mischievous) looking puppy.

    I bet you'll quickly notice a difference between Kane and your new pup, if you clicker train immediately; there's a huge difference between my Jess and Lola, too. :)

    Hope everything goes great tomorrow!